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Tips & Application

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The thirst for beauty will never fade. As with all cosmetic procedures, the best results are achieved with a consistent regimen.


Tips for better use

Follow the following tips to get the most of your product and to obtain better results:

  • Continued use, coupled with daily application of SPF sunscreen is a must to prevent existing brown spots from becoming worse and to stop new ones from appearing. You will be amazed how much better your skin looks and acts overall when it is protected from further sun damage.
  • Applying serum before or after your moisturizer is a matter of personal preference. Experiment with order of application to see which works best for you. Those with oily or combination skin will likely find that serum is the only “moisturizer” they need. Also, serum should be applied around the eyes.
  • For oily skin you should stick with ultra-light serums, or toners, which should supply all the hydration and important ingredients oily skin needs. Keep in mind that as with all lotion or cream-textured moisturizer is labeled as being for someone with oily or combination skin, it is meant to be used only over dry areas, not over oily areas.
  • Store away from light sources to protect the efficacy of the antioxidants and plant extracts. Do not leave this sitting on your vanity counter.
If you have metal allergies (such as to nickel), this may be a problem; those with nickel allergies often have similar though less intense response to skin contact with other metals, including gold.

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