Luxury Skin Care

Exclusive Beautiful Appearance

The Hollywood Gold 24K products within the Exclusive Beautiful Appearance grouping are among the most luxurious and finest collagen-based, anti-aging skin repair, renewal, and treatment masks in the market and provide amazing results. After use, skin will appear lighter, brighter, and luminous with a golden glow; skin pores will be appear tight and less open; skin will be well hydrated and moisturized yielding a plump, smooth, tight, healthy and youthful appearance.

This immediate transformation is the result of a formulation of holistically balanced ingredients, all coming from the finest sources available in our natural world. Some of these include caviar, cold pressed oils, colloidal 24K gold and pearl, high density plant based collagen, and extract of herbs taken from the wild. The ingredients are chosen and combined to closely align with the constitution of human skin tissue. The masks contain quick release, one-way, high absorption technology that causes fast complete absorption by the skin. Masks begin to dissolve upon heat from contact with the skin releasing the collagen and other nutrient ingredients to be absorbed by your skin.

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