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Hollywood Gold 24K

Hollywood Gold Cosmetics was formed in Los Angeles, California, by a group of individuals led by a mature young woman and guided by a vision gained from her life experience and her dream. This mature young woman, blessed at birth with natural beauty, skin tone, and complexion was also fortunate to have a mother who insisted from a very young age that she learn and practice the discipline necessary to maintain natural beauty. From experience in the European fashion and modeling industries and with her mother’s lessons clearly in mind, she recognized how easily the unavoidable environment of sun, heat, cold, and pollution we live in could damage the skin and how fragile a natural beautiful complexion really is, and in early adulthood began to follow a regimen of daily and nightly use of moisturizers, creams, and serums and found the market flooded with many different products and brands that all laid claims to “better” or “best.” With a desire to use only the best products on her skin, this mature young woman began to search through and try the skincare products available and especially big brand names and learn what makes each different than the other. In the process she acquired much knowledge and experience in their formulation and use and settled on products that seemed to give better   results, only changing when a new product or formulation appeared. As she aged in years her skin remained young looking and other women in her family and close circle of friends quickly recognized she had knowledge they needed and sought her beauty counsel and advice. She shared her experience and recruited many of them into the search for the best products, and with some next door and others many countries distant she expanded the base of her informal product testing and through organized sharing and use of different products grew her skincare product experience and knowledge and helped increase the number of women in her circle of friends and family with healthy and beautiful skin.

Hollywood Gold Cosmetics and the Hollywood Gold 24K product lines began from the desire to help other women stop the stumble through the myriad of skincare products available, to provide them access to the absolute best and most effective skincare products that exist, and to educate in their use and the lifelong regimen required to recover and maintain healthy, beautiful, and youthful skin.

Hollywood Gold 24K skincare products are MADE in the USA. They are manufactured exclusively for Hollywood Gold Cosmetics in Los Angeles, California, in facilities owned and operated by one of the oldest, most experienced, and recognizable names in skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, and personal care formulation, manufacturing, and sales. All ingredients used are the best purest available and are laboratory tested for quality prior to acceptance. Ingredients formulations are mixed to exact specification and adhered to with tight controls and are verified by laboratory analysis throughout the processing. The jars and bottles we use are glass and inhibit UV light transmission. The glass does not and cannot react with the product contents and protects from deterioration by light, resulting in a stable storage environment and highly predictable shelf life. All production and laboratory processes follow the regulations for quality control and manufacturing as recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as good manufacturing practice (GMP). The manufacturing facilities use automated equipment lines to clean and fill jars and bottles. All equipment used is maintained and certified clean to food grade standards. Chemists on staff direct operations and assure quality. Modern state of the art manufacturing and laboratory facilities and a very experienced technical and production staff stand behind our products.

Hollywood Gold 24K skincare products are among the best and safest available. You have our assurance and our promise Hollywood Gold Cosmetic products will always have the highest quality and will always perform as advertised with your safety as our most important concern.

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