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Benefits of 24K Colloidal Gold

A revolutionary concept fusing Skin essential ingredients with 24 Karat Italian Gold
Basal skin cells are activated to become less elastic which in turn reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and spot. The result is skin that looks and feels younger.

Gold ions stimulate cells and nerves to improve blood circulation, increase cellular metabolism and the secretion of waste resulting in healthier skin.

Dry skin results in the appearance of premature aging. Increased cellular metabolism through use of colloidal gold increases moisture and reduces dryness.

The Italian 24K Gold molecules inside the skin cells lighten and brighten the complexion of the skin, thus creating a youthful beautiful glow you will notice.

Natural collagen is a major constituent of skin and is responsible for a soft smooth texture, but its production decreases with age. Gold in skincare creams and serums can slow down the depletion of collagen in your skin cells.

Most of our products contain real 24 karat gold because no other ingredient could provide more benefit to your skin. We use the purest high quality 24K Italian gold obtainable and in our laboratories reduce it to nano-sized gold particles.

Sunlight estimulates the production of melanin, which is responsible for tanning, freckles and dark spots and pigmentation in the skin. Regular use of products containing gold reduces the production of melanin with exposure to sunlight.

Antioxidant properties present in gold helps to increase blood circulation and can lead to reduction in acne and other skin allergies. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties in gold help oxygen to enter into the skin.

Luxury Care For Beautiful, Healthy, Youthful Skin

Our Fine Product Groups


Instant Appearance Improvement

The Hollywood Gold 24K products within the Instant Appearance Improvement grouping are formulated with active ingredients intended to specifically target the times you need an immediate improvement in the appearance of your skin. At the same time, these smart formulations produced from advanced skin care science, include moisturizing and conditioning agents…

Directed Appearance Improvement

The Hollywood Gold 24K products within the Directed Appearance Improvement grouping are formulated with active ingredients intended to specifically target and relieve specific skincare issues either related to a particular condition of the skin or a particular area of skin. Upon application, active ingredients in these products will immediately begin transforming the…

Beautiful Appearance Maintenance

The Hollywood Gold 24K products within the Beautiful Appearance Maintenance grouping are intended to be used in some combination and with regular frequency. They are among the best anti-aging skincare products available in the market. Made from the best ingredients obtainable, Hollywood Gold 24K formulations are designed by experienced skin care industry…

Exclusive Beautiful Appearance

The Hollywood Gold 24K products within the Exclusive Beautiful Appearance grouping are among the most luxurious and finest collagen-based, anti-aging skin repair, renewal, and treatment masks in the market and provide amazing results. After use, skin will appear lighter, brighter, and luminous with a golden glow; skin pores will be appear tight and less open; skin will be well hydrated…

The next generation of skincare

Deeper approach for cosmetic treatments

24K Colloidal Gold

The Colloidal gold connect to cell electrons enhancing the natural body’s responses for healing and speeding up cellular regeneration. The active ingredients from Gold reach the deeper skin levels, for longer lasting effects.

  • The highest concentration of Vitamins and Minerals
  • No skin irritants suitable sensitive skin conditions
  • Repair skin and reduce further damage
  • Give the best 24K Gold anti-aging treatment
  • Imported from Italy to our labs in the US
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